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Spatial-esk creates better spaces through engagement, sustainability & knowledge (esk). We believe that these principles can create better spaces for us and the planet through good architecture. From furniture to permanent spaces and masterplans. There are amazing benefits to working with a us to explore your own possibilities. We provide a unique and research led design service, aimed to deliver the best bespoke solution for your abode, business or building.



The foundation of our design work is an authentic and good understanding of your spatial needs. We work closely with you to ensure that spaces are tailored to your specific living, working and resting needs. We take this a step further by engaging public users or communities through workshops and activities. This creates more informed and specific designs.  If you have any property or site in mind, get in touch using our ‘where to start’ form or follow us on social media. After all, if our buildings are to be engaging,  shouldn’t the process be engaging too?



Our environment is a diverse combination of natural and built systems.  We believe that it is our responsibility to create spaces that benefit both our personal and planet’s environment. Many people forget that sustainability also refers to social and economic needs. As a business or home owner, the return of your investment is a vital prerequisite of engaging in a new spatial project. Our approach to craft and construction is inspired by an honest use of renewables.  



We believe in always learning, Spatial-esk is a think tank of new ideas. We develop better models for living through architecture and design. Research methods are used to discover the best unique solutions for you. By working with us, you will benefit from our catalogue of research and experience. Each project is deeply rooted in research knowledge to ensure that your spaces are at the forefront of architectural design.