SPATIALESK: Artist in Residence – Hanaa Cara

Our artist in residence for 2019 will be artist, Hanaa Cara.She will be producing works related to the theme of ‘Culture and Space in the United Kingdom’

Hanaa Cara (born 1993, Manchester, United Kingdom) is a visual and performance artist based in Islington Mill, Salford. She studied BA HONS Film Studies at the University of Hull in 2015, before moving to Manchester and joining a year-long intensive programme at Islington Mill Art Academy, a free peer-led art school. Her artistic practice deals with themes of identity, trauma and bodies. As an artist with British Indo- Mauritian heritage, she is interested in exploring ideas of otherness within her work. In ‘A Performance of Violence’ (2018) the artist focused on the notions of the white male saviour in relation to imperial hegemony and colonial labour within India, exploring the East vs West dichotomy and her personal place within its complex history. Within her installation and performance piece, she explored primordial notions of trauma; relating to Kristeva’s theory of primal notions and abjection creating a sense of womb-like claustrophobia in minimalist symbolism and repetitive motifs. Her artistic practice encompasses an experimental approach to artistic mediums including photography, collage, and painting. Through her digital collage and abstract photography works, she creates a sense of depersonalization the viewer from the works by creating hyperreal dream environments on a 2D canvas. These experimental modes of practice allow the artist to further explore and challenge dichotomies surrounding identity politics.

Untitled (2018)
Posca Pen on A2 Watercolour Paper
Blinded (2018)
Posca Pen on A2 Watercolour Paper

Spatial Jam 1.0

We created a spatial jamming session for artists, poets and musicians…

CAPTURE THE FLAG was a fresh and explosive collaboration between creatives in the city. Inspired by the world of Jazz, the event allowed independent artists, performers and musicians to come together to do their thing and see what happens. The event was held in a SECRET LOCATION in Leeds City Centre,  indicated with the SPATIALESK flag.

Lauren Harrison – Live Artist

Lauren is a fantastic live artist. She performed a solo live performance collaborating with herself at our Event, Capture The Flag. This was part of a day long event at a ‘secret venue’ which the audience had to find. Her work involved carefully constructed projections which she had created under the theme ‘capture’.

Inspired by a life long love of VHS aesthetics and the likes of Pippilotti Rist and Mark Lecky; visual artist Lauren Harrison, cuts, pastes, resamples and distorts found footage  to assemble immersive live visual landscapes. Armed with a midi controller and a laptop, her sets seek not to be a distraction but to collaborate, enrich and invoke.

After graduating from the University of Reading in 2013, she has been constantly adding to her library of material, both found and home footage, to create a catalogue of tidbits ripe for the picking, ready for anything thrown at her. As each show is done on the fly, no two shows are the same.

New Space – Art/Barber Shop

Barbershop turned Arthouse becomes a new cultural centre in the city.

The Barbershop project sought to identify a space in the city with huge potential. This pop-up uses urban artwork and collaboration to turn the quiet establishment into somewhat of an urban legend on a shoe-string budget…

It all began with a piece of artwork produced by SPATIALESK in exchange for a quick trim at this barbershop in Kirkgate, Leeds. At first glance, few would even recognise that the place was active. A mix of A4 home printed signs and a make-shift interior was all that the public had to draw them into the space. We were drawn to the space by it’s one defining feature.. Tony. The barbershops owner has mad film trivia skills and a collection to rival IMDB, anyone who we have spoken to at the barbers can’t seem to speak enough about the atmosphere and sheer banter guaranteed at this joint. We saw an opportunity to use the raw character of the historic building, it’s original faded timber sign panel and unfinished interior to reflect the independent arts in Leeds. We had the vision to transform a quiet and inactive space into something fresh in the city.

The space features bold colours, original artwork, prints and upcycled furniture. The real value of the space comes into play when creatives start to collaborate within the space and create a new sort of environment in the city. The barbershop project will play host to the first of many #spatialjams, spaces for poetry, live art and performance in unexpected and new spaces in the city.

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The Barber Shop


Kirkgate, Leeds


Refurbishment Completed